Any questions?

We hope we answered them all — but in case we didn’t, these FAQs should do the trick.

Q. Is ProMedical’s IT support really unlimited?

A. Yes! Service and support for all eligible assets in your office or production environment are fully covered, no matter how long it takes to fix the issue. If you have any more questions, please contact sales@promedicalit.com.

Q. I just submitted a ticket. When will my issue be resolved?

A. As soon as possible! Upon receipt, our engineers must reach out to the ticket’s point of contact, inform them of any steps to resolution, and address the request within your contracted SLA.

Q. What are your hours of operation?

A. ProMedical IT is open to serve you from 8 am–5 pm (local business time zone) — and an on-call engineer is ready to assist with critical infrastructure triage after hours. For clients with extended support, round-the-clock assistance also applies to non-critical issues. To learn more about this inclusion, or to request an upgrade, email sales@promedicalit.com.

Q. How can my employees contact you for support?

A. We provide each of your employees with access to four unique channels for submitting service and support requests. Download welcome package

Q. How can you meet my IT needs from across the country (or the pond)?

A. Although we’re based in sunny South Florida, we can render nearly all of our typical services and support remotely. If an issue requires on-site attention, we have localized resources across the entirety of North America and the U.K.; for complex problems or projects, we’ll deploy specialized engineering resources from our HQ to yours. Regardless, we’ll always meet, or exceed, your SLA.

Q. After we sign up, how long does onboarding take?

A. At ProMedical, a typical onboarding lasts anywhere from 30–60 days, depending on practice size, discovery information received, scheduling, and other prerequisites.

Q. What if I already have internal IT staff?

A. Great! Many of our clients choose to augment their existing resources with our Managed IT Services. We’ll work with your team to create a custom package that streamlines your IT support’s performance and costs.

Q. One of my vendors doesn’t feel like the right fit. Can you help me?

A. Absolutely! During our onboarding process, we’ll carefully evaluate each of your current contracts — internet, voice, and so on — and make recommendations to help you secure maximum operability and feature access at an efficient price.

Q. I’m thinking of changing my PM, EMR, imaging, or CRM software. Can you migrate my data?

A. Yes! No matter the scope, payload, or destination, we can help.

Q. I want to replace the outdated tech in my office, but don’t know where to start. What should I do?

A. During and after your onboarding, our in-house engineers will evaluate all aspects of your IT infrastructure. Following this discovery process, our design team will recommend upgrades and replacements that suit your work.

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