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Are your hardware and software stacks getting in the way of providing good healthcare? Large enough to tackle any infrastructure problem yet small enough to remember your name, our team boasts decades of experience building and managing fault-tolerant systems and zero-trust networks worldwide.

Learn how we stabilized Rainelle Medical Center’s digital environment — and how we enhanced it overall.



Your business hinges on your on-site software and infrastructure. Live telemetry keeps a finger on its pulse, letting us catch issues early and constantly check for potential efficiency improvements.


Prefer to keep identity access management and other data on the cloud? No problem. We’re well-versed in virtual machines, scalable cloud infrastructure, and integrations — and watch it all as closely as an on-premises stack.


Agile. Versatile. Safe. Our hybrid system management combines elements of on- and off-site infrastructure, tailored to your unique configuration, to help create redundancy and give you near-uninterrupted access to data.



As the heart of your network, the core includes switches, firewalls, access points, and other hardware that enables your employees to safely, continuously work. Virtual or physical, we help keep it in good health.


If the core’s your network’s heart, the edge works as its vessels — and is just as vital to your company’s digital health. We’ll work with you to preserve the speedy, secure connections your practice demands.

Shayna W., Practice Administrator

The whole ProMedical team is nothing but helpful. They are always on the ball when it comes to fixing any problem. Whether it is remote support or physically coming to the office, they are always happy to fix the problem in a timely manner with a smile on their face!

Mark M., CEO

They go to great lengths to ensure that their client’s customer experience is a positive one. Their “white glove treatment” approach is second to none.

Cheryl H., Office Manager

The team at ProMedical IT provides top-notch service. I would highly recommend them for all your IT needs.

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