Staffing & automation

The future is touchless

Employees come. Employees go. ProMedical IT smooths their journeys and prepares them for a productive future. Our technicians prep and wipe machines with ease and stand ready to address first-week growing pains. Remote workforce? No problem. Our automation capabilities swiftly deploy apps, settings, and custom workflows, leaving your newest workers with a strong first impression.

Employee On- and Off-Boarding

IT has more pressing concerns than dealing with first-day hiccups. We’ll streamline how you gather and store on- and off-boarding information — employee data and requests, assigned devices, and more — helping workers immediately contribute and empowering you to dedicate resources elsewhere.

Work Automation

Outsource your staff’s menial tasks to our artificial intelligence and automation toolsets. Reliable, yet affordable, they’ll free up valuable mental bandwidth, allowing employees to dedicate their workdays to creative, analytic, and other core processes.

Did you know?

Offices with ProMedical IT can onboard new staff members up to five times faster than manual onboarding.

Don’t let disaster derail your business.

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