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Gear Up

Proper planning prevents poor performance, especially when it comes to your business’ machines. Drawing from a catalog of over 3,000,000 products, ProMedical IT’s experienced procurement team works closely with clients to understand their technological needs. Once we define them — right down to the warranty — we swiftly address them: Dozens of trusted vendors and financing options empower customers to streamline their existing devices or source new ones. We’ve deployed over 100,000 resources; we can add yours to the tally.


Want to know if a particular laptop has the right specs for the job — and is available at the right price? Need to compare devices — and then buy them in bulk? Ask away. We’ll answer your questions, place your order, and save you valuable time.


It’s time to buy new equipment, but Amazon doesn’t have it — and neither do Best Buy nor Staples. Tap into ProMedical’s decades-strong international vendor and distributor relationships to source mission-critical gear at the right time and price.


You’ve picked the right gear. Now, put it to good use. We pair rapid, automated implementation with robust post-deployment support, just to cover your bases. After all: Wasting money is bad, but wasting time is worse.


40,000 assets recycled. 10,000 TBs of data securely wiped. 5,000 reclaimed licenses — and counting. When it comes time to sunset your trusty hardware, we’ll work with one of our recycling partners to responsibly dispose of it.





Nicole J., Practice Administrator

Promedical IT is by far the most professional, responsive, and service-oriented IT company I have ever worked with. They handle every concern with care and in a timely manner.

Mark B., Practice Administrator

Not only do they deliver on daily support for the business, they have developed a roadmap of change projects that are critical and guide our business from start to finish. Projects have been delivered on time and and on budget.

Carol J., Practice Administrator

Daniel and his team created an exceptional process for us to store and utilize the latest in IT developments. This helped streamline our office flow and increased our ability to track and collect payments.

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