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Here’s the thing about “state-of-the-art” technology: It’s always changing. And if you want to operate on your industry’s leading edge, you need to innovate. Top-to-bottom, ProMedical IT encourages early adoption and provides the support needed to keep that tech online. In other words: Say hello to your competitive and operational advantage.

Enterprise IT Management & Support

End-to-end, the Synapse — our innovative helpdesk, NOC, and SOC — keeps your business firing without issue. This centralized support system protects your infrastructure, tightens your security, aids in strategic decision-making, and connects all aspects of your cyber presence: no gaps, no exceptions, 24/7/365.

Staff Augmentation

Let your IT department take a breather. From standard and escalated helpdesk support to full-on project management and professional services, our specialists bring additional expertise to in-house teams, tackling challenges with passion, knowledge, and dedication.


Banish blind spots: With a standout crew of compliance experts and understanding of industry-wide best practices, ProMedical IT possesses the security savvy to insulate your enterprise from the dangers of the digital world.


If a hardware or software problem has your internal team stumped, talk to ProMedical IT. We have the competence — and confidence — to work on the most advanced and distributed mission-critical systems available in healthcare.


Standard networking equipment doesn’t offer 95% more visibility into potential threats or a 98% increase in performance. Our enterprise-specific designs roll tangible gains and bolstered security into the same technology. It’s traditional infrastructure — but better.


Ready to cut the cord? ProMedical IT can deploy organization-wide VoIP solutions or maintain existing networks, keeping employees connected during internet outages and natural disasters. Pair that with voice data analytics and integration capabilities, and you have the makings of an industry-leading collaborative experience.


Choose one, a dozen, or more: With hundreds of distinct programs and 500+ vendors behind us, we can streamline any workflow, support whatever app you can think of, and integrate it all. What’s more: We’ll ensure n+1 availability of and reliable access to all your vital applications.


Your departments already have manual operational processes — but isn’t it time to remove those bottlenecks? Automate with the power of the cloud and enhance efficiency on a massive, meaningful scale.

Digital Transformation & Auditing

Ready to take another step towards modernity? Let us review your current infrastructure and business and clinical processes: We’ll provide a range of progressive recommendations — and help you act on them.

More Secure VLANS

NEtwork performance

Increased Threat Visibility

Improved productivty

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