Endpoint Management

your Tech Care Plan

Your business? Point A. But do you know what happens at point B? ProMedical IT helps you take full control of your organization’s security: With the help of automation, we shine a light on all your endpoint devices, increasing visibility and making maintenance, optimization, and configuration simpler than ever.

Proactive Maintenance

Premium IT support starts here. By keeping devices in optimal condition, we extend their service life, improve performance, and stamp out problems before they arise.

Endpoint Security

Computers, tablets, and other devices make work more convenient — and breaches more likely. We’ll bring them into your security fabric and safeguard your data in the event of endpoint loss or theft.

Predictive Analytics

It’s more than a hunch: Instead of reacting to issues and security gaps, we proactively use telemetry gathered from your company’s endpoint devices to fix them before they impact your operations.

Performance Optimization

Your machines could use a tune-up. Our automated processes purge unneeded programs, stuck services, and other dead weight from your devices, giving you measurable performance boosts.

End User Support

Someone from accounting get locked out of their laptop? New resident can’t make sense of your software? Printer trouble (again)? We’ll help your employees stay productive — and happy.

Infections originating from user endpoint devices

of all cyber attacks target the organization’s endpoints.

of businesses employ a Mobile Device Management system

of small businesses have little or no endpoint security in place.

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