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An ounce of prevention — you know the saying. Our cybersecurity and compliance professionals live by it. They monitor your infrastructure for threats, potential and active, and move swiftly to neutralize them before they even blip your radar. They also work to fortify your human firewall, improve security awareness, and keep you safe in a dangerous digital world. Simply put: We’re in the business of keeping you in business.

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your infrastructure

From HIPAA to HITECH to PCI, ProMedical IT intimately understands over 50 separate compliance standards. Ransomware, malware, data breaches: Trust us to keep your systems safe. You focus on your patients.

Real-Time Threat Intelligence

We believe in proactive, not reactive, medicine. Our advanced AI monitoring solutions seek and analyze anomalies in your infrastructure. Once we pinpoint an infection, we identify its root cause and prevent its spread.


When 98% of cyberattacks rely on social engineering, proper training can save you a headache — or your business. Bolster your first line of defense with our rigorous training curriculum.

Policy Design

Good security equals good business. We leverage our expertise in zero-trust network architecture, along with industry-wide best practices, to build robust organizational policies supplemented by appropriate documentation.

Security Operations Center

Meet the proactive side of Synapse. Our Security Operations Center — SecOps for short — adds yet another layer of protection against digital threats, supercharged by AI-driven analysis.


Annual data
breaches in the U.S.


new threats
discovered daily


U.S. data breaches
targeting healthcare

Live Threat Map

Monitor Cyber Attacks in real time

Every moment, new attack vectors open across the world; reactive security can no longer serve as effective risk management. See for yourself: Check the map below for active cyberattacks across the globe.

Did you know?

Negligent breaches (breaches that occur as a result of internal mistakes) happen twice as often as malicious ones.

Source: JOCS Vol. 2 Iss. 1

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