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Simplifying rote tasks wins back valuable time — and who likes filling spreadsheets, anyway? From industry standards to edge cases, ProMedical IT supports hundreds of applications that can make your workday easier. And with storage, infrastructure, and more available through the cloud, you can free up the resources to match.

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We weren’t kidding earlier: Our expert team has partnered with over 500 different software vendors to build a comprehensive application portfolio, leading to 1,000+ successful implementations that optimized our clients’ clinical and administrative operations.

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Up, up, and away

Experience the scalability, convenience, security, and cost savings that only the cloud can deliver. By using Microsoft Azure — one of the most powerful Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platforms in the world — your practice can access the same tools and leverage the same capabilities that Fortune 500 companies use daily.


Migrate your on-premises servers — and even your computers — and save thousands of dollars in hardware maintenance and future costs.


Ditch that old stack for a cloud environment that scales as you do.


Find a safer, bigger home for all your files. Need extra space? Add more without fuss or exorbitant costs.


Do more with less: Utilizing advanced tools, we take manual tasks and transform them into revenue-generating, efficiency-improving automated processes.

Business Intelligence

It’s time to see the full story. We’ll take your scattered data and organize it with class-leading ETL tools, data lakes, and automation to fuel smarter decisions.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Access machine learning capabilities with a click — no standalone software required.

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