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Too many healthcare organizations do not have a trusted IT vendor to take over when they experience downtime. This blog explains why having such a vendor is so important.

Conservatively speaking, downtime costs US businesses over $89 billion dollars every year, with companies operating in healthcare facing even more lost revenue than traditional businesses model. Downtime means productivity is at a standstill, and when this happens, your time is literally being wasted away. Since it can’t be avoided completely (thank you, Murphy), it is imperative to have a system in place and resources available to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

If you happen to have aging infrastructure, you may be prone to downtime on a regular basis — more specifically, days where the office simply cannot function due to IT outages. This can mean countless wasted hours across multiple teams and individuals, especially if the outage is not resolved promptly or it happens on a weekend. Not to mention the increased tensions between frustrated resources, frustrated patients, and yourself.

Worse still, in an outdated environment, service and support are not up to par with current standards, prolonging downtime — and costing more money. IT in healthcare is complex and nuanced, and adding technology for technology’s sake isn’t the answer either. Providers want technological implementations that increase productivity and relieve additional strain on resources — not pile it on.

Consider this:

Imagine living in a house where a steady, hot stream of water pours from your faucet and a fire is roaring in your fireplace. Everyone would enjoy that…right? When it comes to IT, you’d want that, too — but it’s not as simple as buying a house. You need to buy parts for the house, fix the pipes, maintain the wiring, and install a backup generator in case it stops raining or the fire goes out. What many don’t realize is how much it costs to have unreliable IT. It impacts patient care, overburdens employees, and burns through budgets.

There’s an easier way, though: hiring a trusted IT vendor who understands healthcare technology, tackles and tickets rapidly, and provides ongoing maintenance services so you don’t have any issues at all.

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Finding the right one is another process altogether. That’s why we make it apparent that ProMedical IT is the only choice for the truly discerning healthcare organization. We offer genuinely unlimited support, delivering guaranteed ticket response times in an all-inclusive price. But we don’t stop there. We support your organization in an executive capacity to a degree none of our competitors can match. ProMedical IT is not just your Managed IT Service provider, but also your virtual CIT/CTO: We will meet with your executive team at regular intervals and provide future guidance at no additional fee.

Other verticals have the luxury of only feeling the pain of downtime in their pockets, but since healthcare providers increasingly rely on technology, cost far more than dollars and cents — there can be literal lives at stake. It simply isn’t worth the risk, even if we only consider the financial implications.

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